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Andrew Manning

Andrew Manning
Here is a brief summary of Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start activity:

  • 55 channels total
  • 20 channels logged in within the last month
  • 78 accounts registered that never logged in at all
Andrew Manning
Yeah, I've been through the new registration process a few times in my dev environment and I agree it is definitely more engaging. Looking at it again, I see we've had six registrations since March 10 and all six have created channels, so perhaps the statistics are changing more significantly than I thought.

It's challenging to keep up with the continually evolving expectations of the public. I notice that on many web apps and services these days, there is often a combination of dramatic highlighting, animations, and cartoonishly large green check marks that appear beside items as you complete forms in similar processes.
Mike Macgirvin
You might be amused that I started off in 2012 with cartoonish large green check marks at every stage of the registration process and eventually removed them. I'm serious - it's all there in the git if you go back far enough.
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