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I find it convenient in some forum software that selecting text triggers a little popup that has a button to quote the text in a response. This would be especially useful in Hubzilla where the decentralization sometimes allows a conversation to not be in sync for all observers at a given moment, so knowing the text that a commenter is responding to would be helpful. I think it would be relatively easy to implement.

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Piggybacking - I go back and forth on the idea of threaded discussions.  

A good compromise I've seen is to have a lilnk automatically inserted into the comment when replying that will take the user to the comment being replied to (usually just an anchor with some sort of unique comment id).  

The only thing that I think would make it better is if somehow it slightly changed the color of the <div> to make it stand out a little more.

Can we switch to monospace font in the text editors as a default? It would look like this:


if we used

#profile-jot-text {
    font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace;

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there is already the ability to achieve what I want with a simple derived theme

Please don't make themes for only css overrides. We have schemas for this...
Please don't make themes for only css overrides. We have schemas for this...

You can beg and you can cry, Mario, but you're too late. The deed is done.
Waitman GobbleWaitman Gobble wrote the following post Sat, 14 Apr 2018 14:20:06 -0400
It’s like totally time to build your web site on Hubzilla
I put some notes on the Medium about building web pages in Hubzilla... If you notice any booboo wrong stuff I'd appreciate feedback. Thanks :)

It’s like totally time to build your web site on Hubzilla


Hubzilla is a free and open-source software stack providing a decentralized network of hubs, much like a social network.
i moved the site to another server. if you just posted in the past 3 minutes it might be in limbo. :)
some weirdness in the db transfer, i notice the title of the article in this thread is "It’s "
thanls @Waitman Gobble now we're connected. Good for me, not sure for you ;)
Most people who use web services have no idea how privacy works in the digital realm. This is primarily due to the fact that the services and software they use do not support their privacy. This article provides an introduction to some of the basic concepts of privacy and guides you in ways to bring some privacy to your life online.

Webpage form:
concerning social network you only listed hubzilla. Nothing from Friendica diaspora or other plateforms
That's true. It's mostly because I don't really care much about promoting those platforms. It's great that they exist and all, but that table was my personal recommendations.
Good stuff Andrew.

I plan to let disappear in the near future. As @h.ear.t | tobias and I complete our migration of the project hubs to his new server, I feel it is not worth the effort to keep alive. I think this will only affect @Mario Vavti , but since it is a resource on the domain, I wanted to notify the community first.

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@Mario Vavti where is the autoSaveCleanup() function defined? I can only find the instance where it is invoking the function:

grep -R autoSaveCleanup hubzilla/
./view/tpl/jot-header.tpl:            autoSaveCleanup();

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Sometimes I think the "protection of the user by random peer review of the code" ethos of the open source world is a bit overstated, but then you have people who find one little string in a sea of JavaScript and call another developer out. And this had nothing to do with security or anything important. Maybe open source does work fairly well most of the time.
I had the problem solved different first - which did not work out well. So i had to change it and forgot about this spot.
BTW. i have a mechanism in place in main.js to clean session storage on channel change or logout. I think that would be handy for local storage aswell...
is proposital, he used the code 'nobb'
to escape code :)
Doh!  I should have recognized that.... I guess I need more sleep.  LOL
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I published 2017/05  map "compare of features by the share of content in different channels"
@Christopher M. Rasch , in reference to , perhaps you could find a suitable place to write up some documentation on the Hubzilla Project wiki.

I created a post with a private ACL (visible only to a certain privacy group) but in that post I mentioned a public forum (Hubzilla Development). I don't see the post on the forum channel page. Is this a case where the conflicted privacy situation defaults to the more private option, such that only those in the ACL can see the post, effectively negating the public forum "!mention"?

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Mentions in some networks change the delivery scope and add somebody else to the conversation. They don't here (although there are specific exceptions). The ACL rules. Mentions only provide a notification if somebody who was already in the distribution receives the message.

This sounds logical to me. The ACL should rule. If you purposefully set the ACL and then inadvertently mention a forum that might be public, it is better that you be inconvenienced to create the post again properly for the forum instead of being inconvenienced by leaking data you intended to be private.
Wouldn't it be nice to warn the user of the thus conflicting information? Lile a popup asking whether to add the mentionned channel(s) to the ACL?
Wouldn't it be nice to warn the user of the thus conflicting information? Lile a popup asking whether to add the mentionned channel(s) to the ACL?

I imagine this would incur additional background AJAX calls and database queries. I don't have a good intuition for estimating how much, though. Maybe it would be too costly.

I'm not sure what keeps causing the server to crash, but since I won't have much time to troubleshoot immediately, I'm throwing more RAM at the problem and hoping that fixes it for now. Apologies for the intermittent inaccessibility.

@Mario Vavti , perhaps you can help out if I am unavailable?
Andrew i am pretty sure the culprit is max_connections. It was set to 100. I just commented this out to have it at the default 151.
Thanks Mario. Now my hub crashed too. Maybe for the same reason.
Hm. Don't think so. You do not host so many activ channels.

The latest Hubzilla version 3.2 has some useful new features you may not have noticed. One such improvement is the ability to "pin" app launchers to your nav bar for easy access. This can be particularly helpful for viewing your Hubzilla bookmarks as this example demonstrates.

1. Open the app menu and select "Add Apps".


2. Find the app you want to add to the menu and/or nav bar and press the star and/or pin button.


3. Launch the application from the app menu or nav bar with the new shortcut.



Here is a brief summary of Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start activity:

  • 55 channels total
  • 20 channels logged in within the last month
  • 78 accounts registered that never logged in at all
Yeah, I've been through the new registration process a few times in my dev environment and I agree it is definitely more engaging. Looking at it again, I see we've had six registrations since March 10 and all six have created channels, so perhaps the statistics are changing more significantly than I thought.

It's challenging to keep up with the continually evolving expectations of the public. I notice that on many web apps and services these days, there is often a combination of dramatic highlighting, animations, and cartoonishly large green check marks that appear beside items as you complete forms in similar processes.
You might be amused that I started off in 2012 with cartoonish large green check marks at every stage of the registration process and eventually removed them. I'm serious - it's all there in the git if you go back far enough.